The Kevin Alan Show is Southeastern CT’s #1 Independent news and op-ed show. This podcast is packed with interviews from the fringes of conspiracy debunkers and politics to social and economic/cultural norms. 

Interviewing high profile names in the industry such Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, and Stormy Daniels. This show encompasses and welcomes dichotomy. We like to call it “the littlest big show” on the internet because of its organic grass roots inception. Which was catapulted into a local internet sensation yet found its way into the hearts of southern viewership as well. 

Tackling the toughest issues today with no hesitancy, no topic is off limits. Raw and unfiltered, Kevin takes a deep dive into local crimes, national court cases, unjust politics, and accountability to the culture it serves. Giving people a dissected inside look with guest commentary and input on both sides of the aisle.